The members of Barton & Gray Mariners Club adore their time on the water, and the Club makes every effort to ensure the perfect day on the water. With over 15 years of hosting members the Club, we have conceived the perfect dayboat, or shall we say the perfect day-yacht. Every ounce of this vessel is thoughtfully created to create even more perfect days on the water. Here you can learn more about Daychaser and how we are taking them from conception to wave-makers.
After years of conceptualizing the perfect "Day-Yacht", several sketches of deckplans, systems architecture, and desired aesthetic.
The Club rendered the proposed layout in a simple three dimensional mockup to help us understand the space and communicate our vision.
We also outlined the requirements for United States Coast Guard Certification.
Naval Architects we are not. But we do have unrivaled understanding on how members enjoy a day on the water, the systems and materials required to keep a yacht operational, and what captains and crew need to operate a yacht safely and enjoyably. Before engaging Zurn Yacht Design we developed a list of requirements, a deck plan, and a creative direction.
Once the team at B&G was confident in the strategic plan and basic design direction we engaged Zurn Yacht Design to realize our vision.