Barton & Gray Mariners Club is the only luxury day boating club in the world, offering unprecedented experiences aboard fleet over 60 yachts throughout the Atlantic Coastline and Great Lakes.
Barton & Gray Mariners Club offers unique and unforgettable experiences on the water aboard our fleet of over 70 captained yachts in 30+ harbors and islands. Curated by the concierge team, and hosted by our crew with over 15 years’ experience, Membership is a cornerstone of the coastal escape.
  • A fleet of captained yachts
  • Unlimited number of reservations
  • The best harbors & destinations
  • Simplified scheduling & concierge
  • Signature events & partnerships
  • Continued fleet and harbor expansion
Our Yachts and Crews are found in the most sought-after harbors and islands. From Boca Grande to Nantucket, each with their own character, and all stunning.
Membership with the Club provides a lifetime of memories aboard the fleet and on the sea. Unlimited access is at your fingertips with our easy to use Clubhouse App on all your devices.